Pre-election violence

Museveni is planning a Genocide during the upcoming 2021 presidential elections in Uganda. More than 10 youth, mostly opposition people power groups, are killed countrywide by LDUs shooting.

Many youths are detained, poisoned, tortured, and murdered in illegal detention center concentration camps called safehouses (Ref state department).  Hon Lutamaguzi Ssemakula narrated the testimony about the concentration camps. Lutamaguzi Ssemakula was arrested and detained at one of the concentration camps at Kitalya for a week. Watch Hon Lutamaguzi Ssemakula’s testimony in English and Luganda.

These safe houses and torture have been well documented by the chairman of Uganda human rights Medi Kaggwa who was poisoned for opening cases against Uganda’s government.

Mukono Presidential Campaign _11_30_2020

11/30/2020 Bobi wine Presidential campaign Mukono

Prelection atrocities 5 people murder when police shot, murdered, and used police truck to knock and kill National Platform supports.

Kayunga Presidential Campaign _12_01_2020

12/01/2020 Bobi wine Presidential campaign Mukono



Bobi wine has over 97% youth who account for over 70% of the Ugandan population. This has angered the dictator Museveni who has ordered shoot to kill Bobi wine supporters. Bobi wines media coverage has been done my armature media using cell phones. Dictator Museveni ordered the national media companies not to cover Bobi wine.



Prelection atrocities people 7 murder and some injured when police shot, murdered, and used police truck to knock and kill National Platform supports.  The military shot with intentions to kill Bobi wine and team 12/01/2020.

Arrest of Bobi_11_18_2020




Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine is a musician turned a Member of Parliament, now a Presidential Candidate running for the 2021 elections. On 11/18/2020 at 9:45am Bobi was brutally and arrested and detained at the notorious torture chamber – Nalufenya, under the orders of the current President and dictator Museveni with a plot to assassinate Bobi. This ignited into a massacre of defenseless children and youth in the streets of Uganda while demanding for Bobi’s release.

Uganda is Bleeding

Bobi wine daughter prays for is release 11/18/2020

 Kids and teenager beaten and shoot

Bobi Wine on campaign 11/17/2020

Tear gas canister thrown in Bobi wine car by Assimwe from Rwanda

Arrest of Bobi wine 11/18/2020


Women tortured and raped 11/18/2020

Some of the Journalists and press men where beaten