child soldiers

Use of child soldiers

In 1981 presidential elections Museveni was worst performer with less than 1% vote. He ran as the Presidential Candidate under United People’s Movement (UPM) party of which he was its Patron. He used the same names as those he was registered with at point of entry in the Country. But after Museveni got less than 1% votes, he decided to go to the bush and be a rebel for 5 years.

Even in the bush he did not have military or local support. He devised a cunning yet criminal trick to use child soldiers. How did he get these battalion of kids average age <13 yrs. He would come at night with his rebel group kill parents of kids.

He would then come back to the homes during day and tell the kids to join him. Using propaganda that current government is killing their parents. Lots of kids forcefully joining his rebel group NRA (National Resistance Army) During the 5yr gorilla war Museveni killed at least 2,000,000 People in Luwero Triangle Show video


Sabatta Kazinja joined NRA in Bulemezi March 1983

 In this video 1986, Muhoozi kainerugaba 12th birthday he had returned with his mom Janet Museveni from Sweden. Child solider can be seen in the video as security gauds.