(2) Torture

Torture videos

KAMPALA — Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has vowed to openly expose Internal Security Organization (ISO) Director Col. Kaka Bagyenda — accusing him of operating black sites where he subjects suspects to brutal abuses including electrocution of the genitals.

Mwenda was appearing on a popular TV show, the NBS Frontline on Thursday, September 19, hosted by Charles Odogotho.

He alleged that Col. Kaka, operates two safe houses in Kyengera and a huge one in Kalangala where Mwenda claims that innocent people are being detained and subjected to brutal abuses ranging from sensory deprivation, auditory overload, rectal rehydration to waterboarding and stress positions, as well as other forms of treatment designed to humiliate and degrade.

“I know Kaka [Bagyenda] at ISO, he has safe houses in Kyengera; base one and base two. I have taken pictures of them,” he claimed to add that: “He has a huge Safe House on an island in Kalangala there.”

“They are torturing people, I have interviewed victims who have survived his terror. Am going to expose them,” he vowed, claiming that he has all sorts of evidence to expose Col. Kaka over degrading abuses.

Kitalya Concentration camp

LocationKitalya; Wakiso DistrictUganda

Opened2018 (Expected)

Security classMaximum Security Prison